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Racquetball vs Squash

Racquetball vs Squash: Is There Any Difference?

Sports of this kind are often confused with one another because of the likeness in the equipment they use and because of the same...
racquetball court

How to Play Racquetball for Beginners

Racquetball game is the perfect mix of fun and skill. This exciting game isn’t too complex to play! It requires minimal equipment and is...
Racquetball Court Dimensions

Racquetball Court: Dimensions, Walls, Floor & Door Details

The International Racquetball Federation (IRF) has set specific Racquetball court dimensions determining the length, width, and height. These specifications are of utmost importance for...
Rules of Racquetball

Rules of Racquetball: A Basic Guide

Racquetball is an entertaining indoor sport. This interesting sport, like all other sports, has specific rules and regulations. These guidelines when followed religiously can...