About Us

Hello, first of all welcome to The Pickleball Paddle, we are here to talk about how this blog started and why it was started.

The Pickleball Paddle is a blog/website created by a team who love Pickleball, When we all started laying this game an year ago, it was so difficult to choose the right paddle, that we can use perfectly for all the shots and can even save money as no one wants to spend much money while learning a game.

That was the time we tried out many pickleball paddles like Pro Lite, Onix, etc.. and within months had enough knowledge, so that’s the time we though we would share this knowledge online, so that beginners, intermediates and also experts can buy the best pickleball paddles without doing any hardcore research, because we are sharing our valuable knowledge and giving you the list of best paddles that you can buy without the blink of an eye.

So, all the reviews and list of products that are mentioned here given by our team that have good knowledge of pickleball, although the views given in articles are our own views about that particular product.

Now you can eaisly buy the best pickleball paddles & additionally we also started sharing reviews about best ping pong paddles, squash racquets, etc. so that we can help as bigger audience as we can.

You can read the reviews, pick any paddle or racquet, do your own research if you are not satisfied and then buy that particular paddle, it’s on you what you want to do, we are here just to help our readers.

And if you anytime need our help in picking the best product or have any issue reading reviews or buying guides on this website, then you can get in touch with our team via contact page.