Top 4 Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews 2017

The game of Pickleball might come out as a new concept for most people today. But actually, it has been around for more than 50 years. Pickleball is presently one of the fastest growing sports in the US. The craze for this sport has been seemingly increasing over time. Players often say that it is fun to play and quite addictive too.

For playing pickleball, you will need the necessary equipment i.e. the Pickleball paddle. However, beginners might want to take in account a few pointers before buying the right kind of paddle.

List of Best Pickleball Paddles 2017:-

RankPickleball Paddle ModelsReviewPrice
#1Amazin’ Aces Pickleball PaddleRead ReviewCheck Price
#2Rally Graphite 6.7-7.5 oz.Read ReviewCheck Price
#3Rally Meister rally-bundleRead ReviewCheck Price
#4Rally Tyro Pickleball PaddleRead ReviewCheck Price

What is a Pickleball Paddle?

A Pickleball paddle is basically a pickleball gear which is slightly bigger than the table tennis paddle and smaller than the tennis racquet. It may be made up of wood, aluminium or graphite. Since the game of pickleball is kind of a variation of the badminton, tennis and table tennis, the pickleball paddle works in the same way as in these games. The paddle will be used to hit a special pickleball ball just like tennis.

Top five reasons why you must buy a Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball is being seen as an emerging sport in US from quite a long time. Players claim that once you start it, it is hard to get over it. It is quite addictive and fun. With the number of pickleball players increasing, we do recommend you to try it of you are looking for something different.

Here are the top five reasons as to why you must buy a pickleball paddle at the earliest.

  • Basic pickleball gear: Since a pickleball paddle is the basic pickleball gear you need to play the game, you must buy one. A pickleball paddle and a ball are the basic elements of this game and usually the paddles always comes with the balls too.
  • Easy to use:A pickleball paddle is very easy to use. Once you get into the game, it is easy to swing if you are familiar with any one of the games such as badminton, tennis or table tennis. Even if you are not familiar with these games, it is still easy to use and handle.
  • Available in many materials:The pickleball paddle is available in many materials that it is made up of. As per the beginners, the wooden paddle might seem heavier and hard to handle. They can always go for the graphite ones. As per the experts, they get to choose from various designs in each of them.
  • Ideal size: Though some people may find it hard to handle the big tennis racquet, the size of the pickleball paddle is quite suited for everyone. Men, women and children, everyone can use it comfortably without facing any issues regarding the size.
  • Durable: Unlike many other paddles and racquets, a pickleball paddle is very durable. The wooden pickleball paddle doesn’t gets distorted easily even when used very often. You can be sure of your investment that it is going to last longer.

Factors to consider before buying a Pickleball Paddle

A pickleball paddle can be chosen based on many different pointers. However, to choose the correct one, you will need to keep the following points in mind.

  • Weight: Weight is an important factor to consider before buying a pickleball paddle. The weight range for these paddles is 6.8-14 ounces. You need to choose the one according to your level. Beginners might want to go for a lighter paddle since they want to blend in first. Expert players might go for the heavier ones since they know how to control and maneuver it correctly.
  • Length: Length is another important criterion you need to consider before opting for a paddle. As per the length, there are the regular, wide-body and oversized paddles available for buying. Here too, you would want to consider your level. Extra-long paddles can become quite hard to handle and swing. Therefore, depending upon your grip size and body, you must choose the ideal length of the paddle for yourself.
  • Control: When you are picking out a pickleball paddle, you should consider how much control it offers you on your arm. Weight is one thing and being able to control the swing motion of your arm due to that is another thing. You need to make sure that you have an ideal control over the paddle and the ball.
  • Power:It is seen that some of the pickleball paddles come with a graphite/cork centre which usually helps to push the ball forward even without applying power. However, this may not be what you want every time. Since you too need to have power over the ball and the paddle, this factor must be considered.
  • Colour:You can also choose from the various colour options available. However, experts recommend to opt for a yellow paddle, since it makes hard for your opponent to determine which direction the ball is coming from.

Top 4 Pickleball Paddle Reviews 2017

1.  Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Paddle

Amazin' Aces Pickleball Paddle Bundle

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These are Pickleball Paddles from Amazin Aces which have specifically been designed for beginners. They are wooden paddles and have been carefully designed to offer maximum performance. The key features of this pickleball paddle set are as follows.

  • These are wooden paddles offering plenty of pop.
  • The dimensions of this paddle are 7’’ W x 15-1/2’’ L which meets the USAPA specifications.
  • The grip circumference is 4-1/4’’.
  • These paddles have been made by fashioning seven plies of maple wood to form a rigid and durable paddle.
  • It comes with a high-quality polyurethane grip.
  • The grip of these paddles has a slight elevated ribbing around the handle to ensure a perfect grip.
  • It also comes with a wrist strap at the bottom to ensure that it doesn’t fly out of the hands while swinging. It can also be used when storing the paddle on the hook or nail.
  • They come with 4 pickleballs which are durable and high performing.
  • The pickleballs are outdoor balls but they also work as indoor balls.
  • The complete set includes 2 pickleball paddles, 4 outdoor pickleballs and a PDF guide via email for rules, tips etc.
  • It comes with a colourful screen printing of an orange pickleball and Amazin Aces logo on both sides of the paddle.
  • This package comes in a sharp looking box with the logo sign on it which can account for a great gift set.

2.  Rally Graphite 6.7-7.5 oz.

Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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These are Pickleball Paddles from Rally which have been known to incorporate the state of the industry materials to provide maximum playability and durability. The key features of this pickleball paddle are as follows.

  • The graphite face of the paddles is made up of 0/90 unidirectional carbon layers for superior strength that prevents it from denting and dinging.
  • The core of the paddles features Nomex honeycomb which is very lightweight but still strong enough to take multiple slams, volleys and dinks.
  • It comes with a solid grip delivered by Winn Dry Grip that is helpful in avoiding mishits by ensuring a solid and dry grip.
  • It also comes with a trim edge guard that keeps it safe from any ground contact and hence maintains maximum paddle playing surface.
  • The average weight of this paddle is 7.6 ounces for the standard version and 8.4 ounces for the power version.
  • It comes with a medium grip circumference of 4 ¼’’.
  • It has a perforated cushion grip also known as Winn Dry Tac.
  • The length of the paddle is about 15 ¾’’ and width of the paddle is 8 1/8’’.
  • The length of the grip is 4 ¾’’.
  • It comes with an overlapping edge guard which is 1/8’’.

3.  Rally Meister rally-bundle

Rally Meister Wood Pickleball Paddle Bundle

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These are pickleball paddles from Rally Meister and are the best choices for YMCAs, schools, community centres etc. that provides paddles to groups of pickleballers. The key features of this paddle are mentioned below.

  • It is lighter than most wooden paddles.
  • It is made by gluing together 7 plies of honey coloured maple wood that ensures a ridged and strong paddle core.
  • It comes with a high-end cushion grip made of top-notch polyurethane.
  • The grip is moisture wicking and slightly compressible to ensure a comfortable grip.
  • The grip also has a slight elevated ribbing around the handle to provide a tremendous feel while gripping the handle.
  • A wrist strap is also included at the bottom to ensure the stability of it and to provide the convenience of being able to hand it onto a hook.
  • The dimensions of this paddle are 7’’ W x 15-1/2’’ L.
  • The grip circumference is 4-1/4’’.
  • This bundle comes with 2 wood pickleball paddles and 4 green coloured indoor Pickleball Now pickleballs.
  • The colour of the pickleballs can vary between green or white.
  • The Rally Meister name has been adorned on both sides of the varnished paddle faces.

4.  Rally Tyro Pickleball Paddle

Rally Tyro Advanced Composite Pickleball Paddle Bundle

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These are Pickleball Paddles from Rally Tyro which is known to include a large number of technical innovations to make these paddles suitable for all kinds of pickleball players. These are one of the best professional calibre paddles at a reasonable price. The key features of this pickleball paddle are as follows.

  • These paddles have been handcrafted from Aerospace Composite materials.
  • It comes with a high-quality grip that provides incredible ball feel and control.
  • The paddle is really lightweight with a total weight of under 7 ounces to provide better control and faster reaction time.
  • It comes with a full-sized face that provides a bigger sweet spot.
  • These paddles have a durable edge guard that ensures damage protection.
  • The face of these paddles is made up of polycarbonate and is dent-proof.
  • These paddles have been designed for both outdoor and indoor play.
  • The grip circumference is 4-1/8’’.
  • The grip length is 15-5/8’’.
  • The paddle length is 15-5/8’’ and width is 7-3/4’’.
  • The core material is made up of polymer honeycomb.
  • The edge guard is 1/8’’ overlapping paddle face.

Choosing the best pickleball paddle can be quite overwhelming. For a newcomer, all of them might seem to be the same but actually, they all are quite different. The kind of pickleball paddle that works for your mate might not work for you. Everyone has a different grip size and a different kind of body that can handle a different kind of paddle.

With the wide range of pickleball paddles available from a number of manufacturers, you can very well reach the one that suits you the best. However, the main factor that decides which paddle is best for you is you. A beginner will need a lighter and a shorter pickleball paddle so that it is easy for them to swing and handle.

As for the expert players who have mastered the handling of the paddles, they may seem to have a different view. Some of the experts believe that a lighter paddle offers less power over the ball and is generally more suitable for the beginners only. These kinds of players can always go for slightly heavier wooden paddles with desired grip size.

You will always want to make sure that the grip size and material is of high-quality. Players tend to have sweaty hands during the game which may cause their performance to get affected. The good pickleball paddles come with a moisture wicking grip material which eliminated this problem. So before going for the final pickleball paddle, make sure you take into account everything about your grip and game.